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Artificial Intelligence

X-ray analysis with Cavity detection, calculus detection, and bone loss quantification.

Dental Advanced Technology, Artificial Intelligence at Acton Dental Associates

Precision Dentistry

When you seek care at our office, be assured that Drs. Kronenwett and Block and their staff utilize the latest in technology to enhance the quality of your dental care.

Air Abrasion Drill-less Dentistry

Air Abrasion can remove the early stages of decay, and can repair worn, chipped or cracked teeth. This new technology uses a pressurized flow of a tiny abrasive powder that gently wears away the decay or damaged tooth material. It is especially effective when treating our young patients.

Air Abrasion is fast, pain-free and helps retain as much of your natural tooth structure as possible. In many cases, Air Abrasion eliminates the use of an injection or drilling.

Digital Charting

The team at Acton Dental is proud to provide the efficiency of a digital office. We are a paperless dental office, which means all X-rays and charting are made and recorded with the aid of the computer. This technology allows us to maintain your dental records electronically, and cuts down the unnecessary paperwork used with traditional paper charting.

Traditional paper charting is difficult to keep standardized from doctor to hygienist to assistant. Even handwriting differences and coding make the charts look different. The computer eliminates this problem by using consistent charting methods that are accurate and precise, making it easy to read your dental chart and see up-to-date information. By doing so, we can make your dental appointment more efficient and convenient, saving you time in our office so that you miss less of your daily activities and obligations.

Digital charting standardizes the charting process so it is clear, easy to understand, and enables us to provide on the most accurate and precise care to our patients. When needed, this method also allows us to quickly and securely share information with your other health care providers.

Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays

Here at Acton Dental we use digital imaging which has many advantages over traditional film x-rays, Such as they use up to 70% less radiation than traditional film x-rays, take less time to capture and are easier to take than traditional film x-rays, use streamlined designs taking the pain out of taking dental x-rays, have better quality viewing capabilities than traditional film x-rays, take the waiting out of the development process allowing us to see what is going on immediately, prevent issues from going undetected and/or missed, decrease your time in the chair, are easily stored on a computer, can be easily transferred to other dentists or orthodontists when referrals are needed, and are more environmentally-friendly.

Our Cone Beam CT scanner and digital panoramic x-ray machine can also be used for some patients to take extra-oral images to eliminate gagging.

Intraoral Imaging

Intraoral machine

At Acton Dental we use a small camera about the size of a pen, called an intraoral camera. These cameras help us clearly see the condition of your teeth and gums. With this advanced technology, we can zoom in on small diseased areas, cracks, chips, and worn metal fillings with extreme precision. The full-color images taken with the intraoral camera are sent to a computer screen so we can clearly see and diagnose dental problems much earlier than with traditional dental technology. Because images are displayed on our screens, patients will also be able to see areas being worked on and are able to gain a better understanding of dental procedures being performed.

Intraoral cameras have several advantages. They provide a live video display that can freeze and capture images. These images can easily be saved to the patient record. There is practically no image distortion.

Isolite: Dental Isolation system

Isolite: Dental Isolation system

Isolite is a soft, latex-free mouthpiece that improves safety and efficiency.

It improves your experience by reducing strain on your jaw muscles by allowing you to rest your jaw on the bite block portion of the mouthpiece while it also protects your tongue and cheeks.

Isolite also reduces procedure time by giving the dental team a clear, fully illuminated view of the oral cavity.  It allows us to work quickly by providing uninterrupted access to a dry dental field.

It relies on a single-use, soft, comfortable bite block so your jaw won’t hurt after a procedure. Plus, your tongue, cheeks and airway will be protected. We can work more quickly and effectively, which means less time in the chair

There’s no cross-contamination because the mouthpieces are only used once.

Night and Day Guards

Night Guards

Chronic, compulsive teeth grinding disorder, more formally known as “bruxism,” is a real problem in the lives of millions of Americans. The excessive clenching or grinding of the teeth can do real damage to your tooth enamel, cause a tooth to crack, chip, or loosen, and can even lead to TMJ disorder. The most common remedy to protect your teeth and TMJ is a dental mouth guard, especially at night when most teeth grinding typically occur. A dental mouth guard is custom-fit for your particular mouth. One size definitely does not fit all in this case. Custom dental mouth guards are much more precisely fit than sports mouth guards and will be more comfortable and durable than anything you can buy over the counter.

If you grind your teeth during the day as well as at night, a day guard for your lower teeth can be made and is much less visible than a night guard.

OrthoFX NiTime Aligners™

NiTime Aligners - Acton Dental Associates, MA

The team at Acton Dental is proud to introduce OrthoFX NiTime Aligners™, The first FDA-cleared Aligner system for Night only wear. NiTime Aligners™ reduces daily wear time to 9 – 12 hours without increasing the number of stages in the treatment compared to a standard 22-hour wear aligner.

Nano-Technology Light Activated White Filling Material

For certain procedures Nano-technology white filling materials can be used.  In these nanocomposites, the resin matrix is reinforced with the Nano sized filler particles, resulting in significantly improved mechanical properties.

Nano-Technology Light Activated White Filling Material, Case 1, Acton Dental Associates
Nano-Technology Light Activated White Filling Material, Case 2, Acton Dental Associates
Nano-Technology Light Activated White Filling Material, Case 3, Acton Dental Associates

All Ceramic Restorative Materials

Acton Dental uses the most up to date restorative materials.  We typically use metal free materials such as: zirconia crowns, bridges, and all ceramic veneers.   These crowns are made from zirconium oxide powder; this advanced material has been refined to produce the strongest and most reliable all-ceramic material to date.  These crowns are scanned and designed by a lab and milled using CAD/CAM technology and are nearly chip-proof.

All Ceramic Restorative Materials, Case 1, Acton Dental Associates
All Ceramic Restorative Materials, Case 2, Acton Dental Associates
All Ceramic Restorative Materials, Case 3, Acton Dental Associates

Implant Workflow

Cone Beam CT Scan or CBCT


Cone beam computed tomography is an innovative medical imaging technique that provides a three-dimensional view of the patient with significantly less radiation than a traditional CT Scanner.  The CBCT enhances the ability to diagnose, evaluate, treat and care for patients and is the first step in the implant planning process. 

During a CBCT scan, the machine rotates around the patient, capturing images using a cone-shaped X-ray beam. These images are then used to construct a 3-D representation of the patient’s teeth and bone anatomy.

3D Imaging Is a critically important aspect of diagnostics and treatment planning when placing dental implants.

Traditional radiographic methods are not ideal for planning implant placement because you are visualizing a three dimensional (3D) object in two dimensions and missing important information along the way.

Implant Planning Software

Once the patient’s CT scan has been taken and imported, Dr. Block can virtually position your implants using a special implant planning software.   With this state of the art software, Dr. Block is able to use the CBCT data of your oral anatomy to plan your case with greater precision and provide the dental implant surgery in a shorter time. To you this means that your results are more predictable with higher success rates, optimized location and angulation, you experience less discomfort, the surgery can be done in less invasive ways, and generally you will have a shorter recovery time.

The software also allows Dr. Block to see the final restoration contours during the treatment planning phase, therefore taking esthetics and function of teeth into consideration along with patient bone structure.

3-D Printed Surgical Guides

After the implant has been virtually planned a custom precision surgical guide can be created with a 3D printer.  Surgical guides are the latest advancement in dental implant technology. Guided surgery has revolutionized all aspects of surgery, from knee replacements to dental implants. Guided surgery allows Dr. Block to place the dental implant into the precise location that was previously digitally planned.  These custom made surgical guides are different for each patient’s clinical situation. The desktop 3D printer produces the surgical guide with a high-resolution print in just a few hours.

Trios Digital Scanner

Trios Digital Scanner

The 3Shape TRIOS Dental Digital Impression Scanner helps to enhance patient experience, reduce chair time, and improve the longevity and accuracy of restorations.