When wisdom teeth and other damaged teeth must be removed – for your health and beauty of your smile

Our advanced and comprehensive extractions services and capabilities allow for our dentists, to provide both “simple” and surgical extractions. A variety of different patients can be treated at our practice in Acton. By “treatment,” removing the irreparably damaged tooth often resolves debilitating pain and other symptoms, restores comfortable chewing function and avoids many severe complications. These complications can present threats to neighboring teeth, as well as to other tissues and organs. 

Just a few of the reasons that tooth extraction may be a necessity to restore your smile and health include: 

  • Impacted wisdom teeth – These third molars are the last permanent teeth to erupt through the gums. When these teeth develop, there may not be sufficient space in the mouth to accommodate them. They can become “trapped” or “impacted.” Symptoms are often undeniable, ranging from intense pain and pressure to swelling. These teeth can also damage neighboring teeth and other oral structures. 
  • Decayed teeth – Not all inflammation or infections at the center of the tooth (the pulp) can be resolved successfully with root canal therapy. Some teeth are not good candidates for non-surgical treatment of the root canals. To prevent serious systemic infections and get back your painless and healthy function, we may have to recommend the removal of the tooth.
  • Other trauma – this can mean several different types of damage; for instance, injuries during contact sports can result in a severe fracture or breakage. The tooth cannot be “saved.”

Except for wisdom teeth, all extractions should be followed by tooth replacement. Replacing the missing tooth is a must for the long-term health and aesthetics of your smile. Wisdom teeth are “exempt” from this approach because they are vestigial organs or structures. Like your appendix, they are not necessary for health and function. We do take a proactive approach to monitor wisdom teeth. If they are not developing correctly, we recommend their removal right away – before they cause pain and other symptoms. 

The techniques we use depend partly on whether the tooth is visible, accessible, and intact above the gum line. We help to maintain utmost comfort with anesthetic and, as needed, sedatives to promote relaxation. We also provide clear instructions on caring for your teeth afterward and any special needs before the procedure. 

Call us at (978) 881-5826, without delay. We may be able to save your troublesome tooth! We also offer emergency care to accommodate our patients’ most immediate needs.