Enjoy same-day dental crowns with our team at Acton Dental Associates!

A unique digital dental system that allows our dedicated team to offer patients same-day restorations is now available at Acton Dental Associates of Acton, Massachusetts! Drs. Erich Kronenwett and Eric M. Block are committed to providing same-day dental crowns and other ceramic restorations for our patients!

Do I need a dental crown?

Has your dentist told you that you need a crown on your tooth? Know that you are not alone. The wonderful news is you now have several options for this standard procedure. At Acton Dental Associates, we now offer same-day all-ceramic crowns, sometimes called “single-visit dental crowns.”

What is a same-day all-ceramic crown?

Our office uses a digital scanner rather than uncomfortable traditional impressions to create a digital model for the crown. We have the Fastmill milling machine, which has Artificial intelligence and is a computer-aided 3D designing machine to make your same-day crown at the office. When done, we cement the crown without needing a temporary crown or follow-up visit. The whole process takes only about an hour! The Fastmill is a specialized and advanced technology that utilizes CAD/CAM technology to fabricate laboratory-grade dental restorations, like dental crowns, in just a matter of minutes! Now you can restore a tooth without the extensive wait time and extra appointments!

In fact, studies continue to show that restorations made with CAD/CAM systems are just as durable and strong as those made with traditional techniques and materials in a dental laboratory.

How same-day dental restorations work

The creation of a dental crown with our Fastmill device is easy. Our dentists choose a ceramic block similar to the shade of one’s natural teeth. The digital impression is transmitted to our milling machine, which then carves the block and creates a crown. The crown can be designed and milled while you wait, or you can leave and return. Some people go home, run errands, go to the local car wash, or go grocery shopping.

Digital Dentistry

What are the advantages of getting same-day dental crowns?

The same-day all-ceramic crowns are metal-free and very convenient. After all, you will not need a temporary crown or wait for the permanent one to return weeks later from a lab.

The process for getting traditional crowns on teeth usually takes two visits. This, however, may be necessary depending on your particular situation.

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How do I learn more about ceramic crowns near me?

 If you live in the area of Acton, MA, and want to speak to our team about your options for restorations, do not hesitate to contact our dental office by calling (978) 881-5826 and visiting the office at 179 Great Road, Suite #204.