Dental fear is no laughing matter, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) supports safe, comfortable treatment

Sedation complements our advanced and comfortable approach to dentistry at Acton Dental Associates. Our dentists, provide nitrous oxide or laughing gas as a sedative option to help patients relax. Many different types of patients may be good candidates for this form of “support,” as this sedative method is safe. 


This relaxation-inducing gas is administered via a small nasal mask. Due to the neutralizing effects of oxygen, nitrous oxide is very well-tolerated (even for children), and its effects wear off quickly. The gas also takes effect quickly and does not require considerable preparation before treatment. Unlike other forms of sedation, which use pills or IVs inserted into the arm, patients do not have to arrange for transportation to and from our office. Laughing gas does not produce drowsiness that lingers after treatment. So, driving or operating machinery afterward is not dangerous (as it would be with other methods that produce a “hangover effect” and that do not wear off as quickly). It does induce mild euphoria, and some patients may even nod off during the procedure. 

Additionally, our dentists can adjust the depth of the sedation quickly. This characteristic makes nitrous oxide a predictable and safe option for our patients. 


Patients may benefit from nitrous oxide if they:

  • Are fearful or anxious about an upcoming treatment 
  • Have bad gag reflex 
  • Tend to fidget during treatment 
  • Are scheduled for long or complex treatment 
  • Are generally healthy and do not have certain conditions such as COPD

We work with the patient to ensure the safest and most pleasant experience at our practice. Before treatment, we discuss factors that can influence the techniques that we use during your procedure. We account for everything from the nature of the treatment (for instance, if patients undergo procedures like root canal therapy or tooth extractions), medical history, and the medications and supplements taken to manage those conditions. 

Your comfort level is our priority. Patients who trust and do not fear the dental visit are generally healthier and happier. They get the preventive care necessary to maintain oral health vital to basic functions and overall wellbeing. Please do not delay scheduling your visit by calling us at (978) 881-5826.