Durable metal-free fillings that complement your smile and health

Fillings at our practice 

Our dentists, place fillings made from biocompatible (non-toxic and tissue-friendly) materials. We select only those materials that are safe and durable. They also look like natural teeth!

Patients may be great candidates for tooth-colored composite fillings if they have cavities or tooth decay that cannot be resolved with preventive services or hygiene modifications. For instance, the damage to the tooth may be such that fluoride supplementation to build up weakened enamel is not appropriate to “treat” the wear to the tooth’s structure. 

Fortunately, the fillings that we place at Acton Dental Associates are also conservative; they essentially preserve the tooth. We use precision diagnostics, treatment planning, and materials that facilitate only the removal of damaged portions of the tooth. Otherwise, a healthy tooth structure is retained. 

We may also recommend tooth-colored fillings to replace old or worn fillings made from silver-colored dental amalgam. Amalgams are formulated with mercury, copper, tin, and silver. These fillings do not look like natural teeth due to their silverish hue. They also tend to darken over time. As metals, amalgams corrode and can weaken over time. Patients may also have sensitivities or reactions to these metals. Our filling materials avoid the concerns and undesirable side effects associated with earlier-generation filling materials. 

The process

Fillings are a common and straightforward way to restore your smile’s beauty, health, and lasting function. 

If the cavity is large and would, in turn, require an extensive filling to restore the tooth, we can discuss more appropriate therapeutic options. These options include dental inlays and onlays. Inlays repair the damaged surface of the tooth between its cusps or points, whereas onlays build up damage to both the inside surface of the tooth and at least one cusp or point. Onlays are sometimes referred to as partial crowns because they are one step down in “coverage” from full dental crowns. Crowns cover up the prepared natural tooth to restore the visible, white part of the tooth above the gum line. 

Completed restorations are then bonded or fixed securely to the remaining, healthy tooth structure. All that is typically required for comfort is a little localized, numbing anesthetic. With good care at home and in our practice, treated teeth can last a lifetime. 

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