Take Action About Your Yellow, Stained Teeth … Whiten Your Teeth with Opalescence™

If your teeth have naturally lost their luster over time or are stained by a coffee habit, we have teeth whitening methods to fit your needs, lifestyle, and preferences. 

We offer the Opalescence™ brand of whitening gels for at-home use, as well as its in-office “power” whitening counterpart. Each method provided by our doctors is safe and effective. The unique benefits and features of each technique are available to our patients in Worcester and Middlesex counties and northern Massachusetts. So, one method may resonate with you more than the other. Likewise, you may be among those patients to benefit from both office and home whitening. 

Office whitening (bleaching)

Drs Kronenwett and Block are trained and have the onsite capabilities to offer “power” whitening. Also known as chairside or in-office whitening, power whitening or bleaching allows our dentists to lighten patients’ teeth by several shades. The process only takes about an hour.

This treatment is an excellent option for patients with discolored teeth who want to makeover their smiles before a big event, be it a holiday gathering or a wedding. Likewise, patients may want to look their best in time for the next big Zoom watercooler conversation or interview. 

Ideally, office bleaching starts with professional teeth cleaning. Before applying a hydrogen peroxide-based whitening gel to the teeth, our doctors protect the surrounding areas of the mouth with a barrier. That way, the comfort and safety of our patients are assured. The gel doesn’t come in contact with (and irritate) the rest of the mouth. Plus, with the treatment zone isolated, the gel is evenly applied to get desirable results. You can enter our practice with drab teeth and leave with a dazzling smile.

Home whitening 

Many of our patients appreciate the convenience, comfort, and gradual results associated with the home bleaching option. This technique allows patients who desire the same dramatic transformations as their counterparts who undergo office whitening; however, they can apply the whitening gel at home or on the go and according to their schedule. Additionally, this process may be appropriate for patients who wish to sustain the stunning results attained with office whitening. They are a safe, easy, and effective “touch-up” to keep teeth free of brown, yellow, or spotted stains. 

Unlike off-the-shelf or OTC whitening kits, the design of the Opalescence Go™ trays, as well as the proprietary materials used to make them, conform easily and comfortably to the contours of the teeth and gums. Wear the trays as recommended by your dentist, usually for between four to eight hours each night until desired results are visible. 

Professional teeth whitening is designed and monitored by dentists. The products that our dentists use are clinically proven to work and to be safe. These characteristics add to safe, painless, efficient, and affordable whitening that gets results best suited to you and your smile—Call (978) 881-5826 to schedule an appointment at our office in Acton. We serve Littleton, West Concord, Concord, Maynard, Westford, Boxborough, Stow, Harvard, Sudbury, and communities in between.