Clear Aligners – Designed for improved comfort, aesthetics, and fast and safe orthodontic treatment

Clear aligners are oral appliances. They are primarily designed to fit your mouth. When placed in your mouth and worn as directed, these appliances place consistent, gentle forces on the teeth to incrementally reposition them. The aligners are made from clear or transparent materials. So, they don’t stick out in your smile. They are considered an alternative to traditional braces that use brackets, wires, and bands to move teeth through the bone. 

Clear aligner technologies are popular orthodontic treatments today because: 

  • They are discreet
  • Patients can remove them for comfortable eating and effective cleaning between and around teeth. 
  • They are comfortable (no wires that poke at the insides of the mouth).

What makes Clear Aligners different from other orthodontic treatments? 

There are several positive differences between the system that we use and the brands that many other dentists offer to their patients; for instance, the proprietary technology renders aligners that are truly clear and cannot be seen in the smile. Other companies market their aligners as “transparent,” but they feature noticeable lines. doesn’t use attachments bonded to the teeth to support complex movements. Instead, our aligners provide more excellent coverage. So, even challenging cases can be treated without applying unsightly attachments. More excellent coverage also supports greater retention, comfort, and exceptional outcomes from treatment. In fact, due to these and other unique characteristics, patients can safely straighten their teeth in around four to six months!

Start the process today 

All treatments begin with a consultation. During your appointment, we will use a handheld device to scan the teeth non-invasively. These digital scans render a 3-dimensional model of your teeth. From there, the model is used to design your treatment and the revolutionary clear aligners. You can even see exactly how your teeth will be repositioned throughout treatment, courtesy of the 3D model and associated animation/simulation capabilities. 

You will then be provided with a containing aligners and detailed instructions on wearing and caring for them. It is critical to wear the aligners as directed; for instance, the system starts with soft aligners that “prepare” the teeth for treatment. Then, the system moves on to medium-strength aligners that initiate efficient movements. Finally, the firmer aligner behaves like a finishing wire within traditional braces treatment to complete tooth movements. Wearing the aligners in the correct order and for the recommended amount of time each day and night assures your comfort and that effective treatment remains on track. 

Clear Aligners can correct everything from uneven spacing between teeth and crowding to rotated teeth that interfere with a healthy bite when you close your mouth. Call Acton Dental Associates at (978) 881-5826 to schedule your scan with Dr. Block today.

NiTime Aligners™

NiTime Aligners™