Quick and easy dental sealants “seal out” decay and protect the teeth

At Acton Dental Associates, we have a way to prevent destructive tooth decay that is so powerful the American Dental Association reports it is associated with an 80% reduction in cavities: dental sealants! Moreover, our team in Acton, Massachusetts, can attest that the process of protecting your teeth with sealants is safe, fast, affordable, and effective.

Seal out tooth decay 

Sealants are acrylic coatings. Our dentists, place them on dry and clean back teeth. These grooved pre-molars and molars are often hard to clean due to their locations at the back of the mouth. Additionally, they have unique characteristics that make them more vulnerable to damaging tooth decay. 

Food particles can become trapped in their pitted, grooved surfaces. Lingering food and natural oral bacteria promote the development of plaque, tartar, and decay that erodes the tooth structure. 

The sealant material is brushed onto the teeth as a liquid. It is hardened with a specialized curing light. That way, the sealant bonds firmly to the natural tooth. Due to advancements in bonding materials and techniques, these coatings can last for many years without requiring reapplication. Our dentists check that the sealants are in good condition during regular checkups. 

When applied precisely, sealants are also appropriate for patients with sensitive teeth. In fact, they help to keep the tooth material strong. Weakened teeth are prone to sensitivity, as well as breakage. The sealants process is so well-tolerated that we do not need to apply an anesthetic for comfort. It only takes a few minutes for each tooth to be “sealed” and get our patients on the path to lifelong oral health. 

Sealants aren’t just child’s play

As a preventive measure, our doctors may recommend that sealants be placed early – as soon as back teeth with these uneven chewing surfaces erupt through the gums. This process usually occurs at around the age of six. For this reason, dental sealants have come to be associated with pediatric patients; however, all sorts of patients can benefit from this hassle-free approach to keeping their teeth healthy. More “seasoned” patients with challenges to effectively cleaning their back teeth or who have risk factors for tooth decay appreciate that sealants support their good oral hygiene. 

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